Miami, January 26, 2021—Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has released a new manual to help companies create and execute thought leadership in Latin America. The 42-page manual expands on guidance that AMI provided in a January 21, 2021 LatAm thought leadership workshop that was attended by hundreds of professionals.

“We started employing thought leadership in the fall of 2016,” explains Abel Delgado, Director of Digital Marketing for AMI. “It immediately started producing results for us, and this led to us helping other companies with their thought leadership. We decided to share what we’ve learned in the webinar and in the manual.”

Simply titled Thought Leadership in Latin America, the manual offers more than 60 practical tips, offering guidance that includes:

  • Why Latin America is an excellent target market for thought leadership content
  • 4 surefire formats for creating blog posts
  • How to integrate search engine optimization (SEO) into content development from the beginning
  • 5 key questions your company must answer in detail so it can devise an effective thought leadership strategy that will clearly demonstrate ROI
  • The importance of a style guide to successfully create whitepapers in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Why B2B thought leadership videos need to be storyboarded to succeed
  • 3 ways to improve your speakers’ delivery during webinars

“Since we have seen companies face challenges with both developing strategies and granular execution of different types of content, we included both in Thought Leadership in Latin America,” says Delgado. “We hope that our tips can be helpful for both those who lead marketing departments or LatAm divisions, and also for those who create blog posts, webinars, infographics and other forms of thought leadership content.”

Thought Leadership in Latin America can be found on this webpage, while a video of AMI’s LatAm Thought Leadership workshop can be found on YouTube.

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