The study “Beyond Borders” by EBANX, with data from Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), shows the diversification in the payments landscape during 2022. LABS Magazine has shared some insights from the study, including the current stage of BNPL in Latin America and the rise of instant transactions with payment methods such as Pix and CoDi.

This more diverse payment landscape is also related to a change in the consumption behavior of Latin Americans, who now have more payment options and can choose how they want to pay for their purchases – and here, convenience, price, usability, and the user experience offered by APMs are differentials, the study says. “The choice to use alternative payments is a cultural one. The feeling that they can pay any way they want is very important for Latin Americans,” said Erika Daguani, VP of Product at EBANX.

Alternative payments in Latin America. Source: Americas Market Intelligence. Report: Beyond Borders, EBANX

Source: Beyond Borders study, with data from AMI (Americas Market Intelligence). It includes Pix and other instant payment methods

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