The digital magazine Hart Energy has published an article about large-scale investment opportunities in Argentina and Brazil, focusing on energy, renewables, crude oil and natural gas production. Arthur Deakin, co-director of the Energy Practice at Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) talked about the specific case of Brazil.

Here is what the expert said:

The investment size [in Brazil] isn’t expected to change much if Lula wins reelection, as investors believe he might bring certainty in the sense that he is more predictable in terms what he will do compared to what Bolsonaro does. A lot of the investments are because of policies that are in place and that will not change so that will continue to drive investments.

You may read the full article here: Latin America’s Abundance of Investment Opportunities.

In leading AMI’s energy practice, Arthur oversees dozens of studies in the sector, focusing on market feasibility, ESG due diligence, market entry, opportunity benchmarking, partnering studies and other strategic areas for energy companies operating in Latin America.