Fintech Nexus News has published an article about the growth of digital payments for e-commerce in Latin America, with fresh data from the EBANX’s report Beyond Border 2022/2023.

The share of Latin Americans who have an account jumped from 39% to 73% between 2011 and 2021, while only 28% of people in LatAm have a credit card, Ebanx said. “Alternative payment methods are finding room to grow precisely in the gap between the number of accounts and the number of cards.”

According to the company, non-traditional payments amounted to 39% of total e-commerce volume in the region during 2022, a leap from 31% just two years ago, with peaks of 50% in Colombia and 44% in Brazil.

That report has exclusive data from AMI, and you can download it here at no cost.

You can also read the full article from Fintech Nexus News: Digital payments grow in LatAm on the heels of e-commerce.