The digital magazine Financial IT has shared data about the potential growth of APM in the region, which “already make up almost 40% of digital commerce volume in Latin America.” That data comes from Beyond Borders 2022/2023, a recent study by EBANX with data from Americas Market Intelligence.

Here is a brief excerpt of the article:

The three Latin American countries that use APMs the most for digital commerce are Colombia, El Salvador, and Brazil, where APMs have already reached peaks of 50%, 49%, and 44%, respectively.

[…] The fast-growing alternative payments landscape in Latin America is shaped by diversity, with account-based transfers, such as Pix in Brazil and PSE in Colombia; e-wallets, such as Ualá in Argentina; cash-based payments, such as OXXO in Mexico; Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions, such as Sistecredito in Colombia, and others.

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