OilNow featured a webinar with Arthur Deakin — co director of AMI’s Energy practice — on March 25, 2022.

Arthur spoke about Guyana’s potential 300MW Gas-to-Shore plant and the benefits that it would bring to the Guyanese economy.

Deakin said the pace at which Guyana itself has mapped out its infrastructure development in the coming years means that substantial inflows of revenue will be required to finance major projects. And it is from the offshore oil developments that the country intends to get a substantial part of that much needed revenue.

“Right now Guyana is probably the hottest frontier oil market in the world. There are a lot of foreign investors interested in coming to Guyana and spending capital. The country has to take advantage of that while oil prices are high,” he said.

Arthur Deakin has written extensively on Guyana’s energy sector in the past, including stories on Guyana’s growth potentiallaws that could affect the energy sector’s development, its efforts to reach Net Zero, how the nation will green its grid and more.

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Offshore oil Guayana - Image of reference