Fastco Magazine has recently published an article about small business operation opportunities and challenges. The article cites a report by AMI commissioned by Visa surveying 2,700 people:

“It’s clear that these online marketplaces may need the infrastructure to pay their sellers quickly and easily, domestically and cross-border, 3 and offer more payment options—whether that is directly to their eligible debit card, bank account, or wallet.4 Marketplaces can meet these demands with the help of Visa Direct and its network of enabling partners,” says Yanilsa Gonzalez-Ore, SVP, head of Visa Direct in North America.

That payout problem doesn’t just concern domestic entrepreneurs. According to a Latin American report commissioned by Visa surveying 2,700 people by Americas Market Intelligence, approximately 40% of cross-border disbursement transactions took more than a week.

You may read the full article in the following link: Small businesses, big impacts.