Miami, January 25, 2023—Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) and Payments & Commerce Market Intelligence (PCMI) have just published a new report entitled Crypto Usage in Latin America, which is available for free download on AMI’s website.

The report delves into how LatAm crypto consumers are behaving and the potential growth of crypto adoption in Latin America. “Despite the Crypto Winter, which brought a collapse on the crypto prices and the bankruptcy of a relevant actors in the ecosystem, our research indicates—perhaps surprisingly to many—that crypto adoption is on the rise in Latin America even with these headwinds,” explains Ignacio E. Carballo, Head of Crypto & Alternative Finance at AMI. “Particularly for payments providers in the region, blockchain technology has strong potential to improve their services or even attract more customers into new business models,” he says.

Among the key data points found in Crypto Usage in Latin America:

  • Cryptocurrency purchase frequency among Latin American consumers
  • Preferred payment methods to buy cryptocurrencies in Latin America, broken down by P2P transactions and crypto exchange platforms
  • The seven main uses of cryptocurrencies (and their adoption rates) among Latin Americans
  • The top ways people spend crypto when making purchases online and offline
  • Percentage of LatAm crypto consumers that are users of metaverse platforms

Besides showing this data for Latin America overall, the report also shows specific data for countries including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

“The crypto market is evolving to the point of becoming an ecosystem. We at AMI are continually measuring all moods and flavors of crypto, as the technology behind it is developing incredibly rapidly and the spectrum of usage is continually expanding,” says Carballo. “We hope this report helps to get a wider sense of the crypto usage scenarios that currently exist. Payments companies that deepen their understanding of crypto use cases will be better positioned to take advantage of its expansion throughout the region.”

To discuss the data inside this report, AMI’s Ignacio E. Carballo is available for interviews and press comments.

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