Miami, October 26—Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has just published a new report entitled Exploring 2024-2024 Logistics Trends in Latin America, available for free download on the AMI website. The report is driven by AMI’s long experience in logistics market research and intelligence for Latin America after producing more than 250 studies for leading global logistics companies serving all regional markets.

“Our work led us to create this whitepaper,” says Diego Rodríguez, Logistics Practice Director for AMI. “As we helped clients with their strategic concerns, we observed crucial shifts in the logistics sector in different Latin American markets. Those shifts are significant and help see the big picture, so we decided to share them with our colleagues and clients through this whitepaper.”

Exploring 2024-2024 Logistics Trends in Latin America highlights a wide range of trends, including

  • Nearshoring’s effects on warehouse space, rents, ocean transportation, and cold chain in Mexico
  • How e-commerce is driving China-bound air freight in Brazil while the trucking sector struggles to get more eco-friendly vehicles on the road
  • Challenges hampering logistics in Colombia, such as weak infrastructure investment, overreliance on land transport, and a warehouse construction slowdown
  • China’s economic slowdown will impact Chile’s exports in 2024—even as the country deals with a sharp increase in freight crime
  • Why Mexico won’t have a peak season in ocean transportation in 2024
  • The role of pharma as a future drive of logistics growth in Brazil
  • How flowers are responsible for Colombia’s cold chain upsurge

And much more: the report analyzes 16 logistics trends in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico that will span 2023 and 2024.

“Since many companies are now deep into strategic planning season, we think our report can be useful for them to discover opportunities and head off challenges in these markets,” says Rodríguez.

Access: Exploring 2023-2024 Logistics Trends in Latin America


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