At a recent event covering the outlook for this year, John Price—Managing Director for Americas Market Intelligence or AMI—offered his analysis of how 2017 should play out for Latin America. Basing his assessment on the continual market research and intelligence-gathering performed by AMI in Latin America, Price indicated that Brazil’s growth rate is likely to beat expectations for the next two years, while in Argentina, the challenge for this year is whether Argentines will be patient enough for recent reforms to take shape. In the case of Mexico, Price observed that investments are on hold because of concerns over possible import taxes placed by the U.S., as well as the renegotiation of the NAFTA trade agreement. Price also commented on other LatAm markets and their specific outlooks, but a more detailed account of his forecast for the region can be found on our AMI Perspectiva blog.

The WorldCity event is one of several that have booked Price and other Americas Market Intelligence experts as speakers: recently senior director Lindsay Lehr has covered a variety of payment topics regarding Latin America (such as mobile payments and virtual wallets) and Managing Director Guillaume Corpart has spoken at a number of events focused on LatAm healthcare.

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