Energy Advisor covered Guyana’s New Low-Carbon Plan by intervening with some experts in the matter including Arthur Deakin, co-director of the energy practice at Americas Market Intelligence.

Here is an excerpt of what Deakin said:

Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strate-gy (LCDS) will serve as a blueprint to reduce 70 percent of its emissions by 2027. Guyana will use its low deforestation rates and vast forest coverage, which accounts for 87 percent of its land mass, to offset its carbon emissions. The government seeks to mone-tize its carbon sink by selling carbon credits to companies and countries. Yet, it must avoid double dipping: selling carbon credits to outsiders, while simultaneously counting the same trees for Guyana’s own emission offsets.

Arthur Deakin

Americas Market Intelligence / Co-Director Energy Practice

Feel free to download the whole article from Energy Adviser including Deakin’s opinion. Click here.

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