Global America has published an article about oil exploration and Extraction in the Guyana-Suriname Basin (GSB). “The GSB is providing Guyana and Suriname with motherloads of black gold, making the two nations that are geographically South American but culturally Caribbean the world’s newest petro-powers-in-the-making, with Guyana having the power edge.”

The magazine cited AMI expert Arthur Deakin about the matter. Here is a brief excerpt:

[…] Guyana stands to collect US$150 billion in oil and gas revenues over the ensuing three decades. As a matter of fact, respected energy analyst Arthur Deakin is confident that “Per capita, Guyana will become the largest producer of oil in the world, passing the likes of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait. Oil revenues could approach US$30 billion dollars a year by 2030, roughly three times the size of both countries’ GDPs …combined.” Understandably, Suriname’s growth and revenue earnings will be much less ample.

We invite you to read: Oil, Water, and Climate Change in the Guyana-Suriname Basin.