Recently, Remi Piet—Director of the Resources/Infrastructure practice at Americas Market Intelligence—was interviewed on France24 to discuss the impact of the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Part of the discussion centered on local efforts to mitigate climate change in communities around the United States and the possible effects of the U.S. stepping away from the Accord. Remi also discussed the argument that such a move would bring more jobs back to the U.S., noting that in the long run, energy-efficent, environmentally friendly technologies offer much more promise in terms of job creation than older energy sources.

Remi also discussed how other countries are moving towards mitigation of climate change, what pressures this could exert on the U.S. and the internal political dynamics that could be influencing president Trump’s decision to abandon the Accord. He also discussed the impact of grassroots movements and how they could influence a change in attitudes among American voters.

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