The Paypers recently published an article delving into the dynamic landscape of ecommerce and payments in Latin America, showcasing newly emerging verticals. One standout example is the rapidly expanding betting sector, positioned as the fastest-growing ecommerce market in LATAM with a projected annual growth rate of 38% until 2026.

The article spotlights key insights from PagSeguro’s latest white paper, “E-commerce and Payment Landscape in Latin America: Insights for the retail, travel, betting, gaming, streaming, online education, and cryptocurrency industries.” This comprehensive study was conducted in collaboration with Payments and Commerce Market Intelligence (PCMI), a distinguished division of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI). Here’s a brief excerpt of the article:

Between 2021 and 2022, ecommerce [in Latin America] was still huge, growing 27% from one year to the next. For the near future, growth did slow down a bit as shopping habits became more stabilised after the worst of the pandemic was behind us, but the online sales volume in LATAM’s top six markets is expected to rise 22% per year until 2026, when it is estimated to reach USD 870 billion. This is, in part, driven by laggard markets, such as Peru and Mexico, which are now catching up with the countries that registered exponential growth during the pandemic. These two countries alone are expected to grow by 35% and 33% in the next three years, respectively.

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