Miami, July 6, 2022—Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has published a new whitepaper on investment opportunities, challenges and roadblocks in Latin America’s six main energy markets as the region transitions to Net Zero. The threat of climate change, a global economy that is outpacing energy supply and geopolitical conflicts are helping accelerate a shift toward renewable resources in Latin America. But many countries in the region are still highly dependent on oil and gas to balance their budgets, creating momentum for the development of lower carbon fossil fuels. AMI’s energy practice leaders crafted The Road to Net Zero in Latin America to help investors, energy companies and suppliers understand the challenges and economic potential ahead.

“While many countries in Latin America have abundant NCREs they can leverage, strong dependence on fossil fuels, political volatility and regulatory tangles mean that you need deep market intelligence to find investment opportunities and avoid the pitfalls,” explains Arthur Deakin, AMI’s energy practice co-director. “We relied on our team’s decade long experience and 150 market research projects to drive our analysis and insights in this whitepaper.”

These insights include:

  • Where traditional energy operators are most likely to lose money in Latin America
  • Of the 100+ renewable projects under construction in Latin America, which assets will offer the best risk-adjusted returns in the region
  • The slow adoption of electric vehicles limits the roll-out of charging infrastructure
  • How Gustavo Petro will impact the energy sector in Colombia
  • Why distributed generation is the golden ticket for investors looking at Brazil
  • The main development risks for green hydrogen in Chile
  • How energy companies can navigate the remainder of AMLO’s term and position themselves for the future in Mexico
  • How wind power could be the best NCRE opportunity in Peru

And much more. The Road to Net Zero in Latin America is available for free download from AMI’s website. Over the course of 80+ pages, it balances in-depth analysis with easy readability to allow readers to quickly spot the growth areas while understanding the problem areas… and how to best work around them.

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