Miami, April 20, 2022—Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has published a new whitepaper covering the growth of cryptocurrency in Latin America that includes levels of adoption by Latin Americans, data on consumer interest in cryptocurrency, crypto-trends to expect in 2022 and much more.

“In constantly researching developments in Latin America’s payments industry to produce proprietary market research for clients, we have observed a strong uptake with cryptocurrency in Latin America,” explains Lindsay Lehr, Payments Practice Leader for Americas Market Intelligence. “Companies in LatAm’s payments space need to develop a cryptocurrency strategy to adjust to consumer adoption levels and high interest. We prepared this whitepaper to help companies get started in this area,” she says.

Entitled The cryptocurrency revolution in Latin American payments, this whitepaper is available as a free download from AMI’s website. Among the topics it covers:

  • 3 upcoming trends in cryptocurrency in Latin America that we can expect to see in 2022
  • The results from a recent study by AMI showing how many Latin Americans have already purchased cryptocurrency and how many are interested in purchasing it
  • How crypto ownership in certain Latin American markets compares favorably with credit card ownership
  • A portrait of the next wave of cryptocurrency consumers in Latin America and how even unbanked individuals can end up owning crypto rather than a traditional bank account
  • Why LAC crypto consumers are more inclined toward stablecoins

And much more. Beyond this whitepaper, AMI has also developed other services to help companies navigate the surge of cryptocurrency in the region, including corporate crypto training, a crypto strategy workshop and crypto thought leadership. Companies can contact AMI directly to find out more about these services. “While some may see crypto as a passing fad, we’re observing strong use cases for it in terms of cross-border money movement, consumer spending and growing savings, so we hope to help payments ecosystem players understand the cryptocurrency market in Latin America better to position themselves for success,” says Lehr.



About Americas Market Intelligence

Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) is the premier market intelligence and strategy consultancy for Latin America, providing powerful research insights for companies to succeed in a wide range of verticals in the region, including payments, healthcare, logistics, mining, energy, consumer goods/services and the industrial sector. Its customized research reports deliver data-based clarity and far-reaching strategic direction based on expert sources.

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