Miami, July 7, 2022— Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has published a new report that robustly analyzes and quantifies above-ground risk for mining projects in Latin America, including those in Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia: a total of 16 key mining jurisdictions in Latin America and the Caribbean are covered. The 2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index scores risk in seven key areas:

  • Political interference
  • Economic pressure
  • Community opposition
  • Legal and regulatory instability
  • Reputational risk
  • Safety and security
  • Operational risk

“Financial investors, project finance lenders and miners are well-aware of the risks with mining in Latin America, but until now have lacked the tools to quantify country risk from a mining perspective when evaluating new projects,” explains Alejandro Álvarez, co-director of AMI’s mining practice. “We created the Index to quantify risk but more importantly to identify the particular risk issues upon which their due diligence and risk mitigation efforts need to focus on in a given country,” says Álvarez.

Available for free download on AMI’s website, the 2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index was created via a proprietary method by AMI’s mining practice team, using more than 70 different metrics. “After studying LatAm’s mining sector for 20 years, across a dozen jurisdictions, we realized that mining investors and lenders often lack detailed guidance on above-ground risks from one jurisdiction to the next,” observes John Price, co-director of AMI’s mining practice. “The true value of the report is how it identifies the most pressing risk issues in each country.  It is those risks where pre-investment due diligence should be focused, along with above-ground risks particular to a given mine site. Conducting due diligence on local mining investment risk is where lenders, investors and miners turn to AMI for help,” says Price.

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