Miami, November 30, 2021—Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has published its 2022 Forecast for Latin America. The regional outlook begins by forecasting global drivers of growth in Latin America and predicts which LatAm countries will recover the fastest from the pandemic-driven downturn.

“Overall, we foresee a continued robust recovery for Latin America in 2022, but it will be uneven,” explains John Price, Managing Director of AMI. “While some sectors will experience powerful growth, particularly extractives, e-commerce and logistics, others will lag substantially, including medical supplies, hospitality and brick & mortar retail. Latin American societal division of wealth grew even more polarized under COVID lockdowns, when close to half the labor force was prohibited from working. During COVID, roughly 5% of the population grew wealthier and 75% became poorer,” Price emphasizes.

The 2022 Forecast for Latin America is available for free download on AMI’s website.

Among the key issues covered by AMI’s 2022 Latin America Forecast are:

  • The factors pointing to a major commodities boom in Latin America, similar to the historic one that took place between 2004 and 2013
  • The top five industries with the strongest growth potential in Latin America in 2022
  • An analysis of why Chile, Dominican Republic and other key LatAm markets will rebound strongly 2022—and why other, larger markets will not
  • Political risk factors in several countries due to public dissatisfaction of the handling of the pandemic and fiscal austerity
  • Factors driving e-commerce growth in Latin America, including buy now, pay later, social commerce and more
  • 4 key growth projections for Latin America’s logistics industry
  • How the transition to green energy will benefit Latin American economies
  • The outlook for the medical equipment/devices sector as LatAm’s healthcare system recovers from the pandemic

AMI initially shared the 2022 Latin America Forecast in a webinar broadcast to more than 1,000 attendees but seeks to make it more broadly available via its website.

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