Miami, October 25, 2018—Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has published its 2019 Forecast for Latin America, covering not only the region but also offering 2019 outlooks for Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile, among others. The 2019 Forecast also provides projections of trends for key industry sectors in Latin America, such as consumer goods & retail, payments, healthcare, natural resources, infrastructure and logistics.

The 2019 Forecast for Latin America is available for free download on AMI’s website.

“Given our work in tracking the region for over 25 years, we wanted to offer a resource for companies trying to understand what to expect in 2019 on three fronts: the overall region, key markets and specific industries,” explains John Price, Managing Director of AMI. “Since the daily challenges of operating in the region can be rigorous, it’s helpful for companies to have a broader set of insights that they can use to find new opportunities and navigate obstacles,” says Price.

Among the topics covered by AMI’s 2019 Forecast for Latin America are:

  • The sectors that will drive growth in Latin America over the next 2 years
  • The probable effect of the U.S. Federal Reserve raising rates
  • Analysis of the political shifts in recent elections and what they mean for the region
  • Opportunities for LatAm deriving from the U.S.-China trade conflict
  • The likely impact of Jair Bolsonaro if he is elected president of Brazil
  • Whether Macri can survive the recent devastation of the Argentine peso and be re-elected in 2019
  • Key factors in growth for Mexico under AMLO
  • Demographic shifts that will tax LAC healthcare systems
  • How the rise of e-commerce will change both the payments and logistics landscapes in LatAm

AMI initially shared the 2019 Forecast in a webinar broadcast on October 24 to nearly 1,000 registered attendees but seeks to make it more broadly available via its website. “The built-in volatility of Latin America can make forecasting a challenge, but we hope to provide enough experience-driven insights to help companies successfully navigate 2019 and beyond,” says Price.

About Americas Market Intelligence
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