Miami, October 18, 2017—Americas Market Intelligence—the premier market intelligence and strategy firm for Latin America—has published its 2018 Forecast for Latin America. Developed by Americas Market Intelligence’s team of experts, the forecast covers a range of key areas, including:

  • The impact of energy prices on the region’s economy and specific countries within the region
  • Economic trends in the U.S. and how they’ll affect LatAm in 2018
  • The role of China in Latin America’s economy in 2018
  • Political changes in leading Latin American markets and their economic impact
  • The regional rebound ahead supported by GDP, FDI, employment and investor confidence data
  • 2018 forecasts for the region’s leading economies: Brazil and Mexico
  • Sector trend analysis and 2018 emerging opportunities in healthcare, payments, consumer goods & retail, logistics, natural resources and infrastructure

“Many companies are finalizing their 2018 operating plans, so it is our hope that this forecast provides some useful guidance to help them finish that process and identify us as a valuable intelligence source and provider for their 2018 plans,” explains John Price, Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI). “The daily challenges of operating in a diverse region like LAC may hinder companies from seeing the opportunities in 2018, so we’re looking to highlight those as well.”

AMI shared its 2018 Latin America Forecast on October 17 via a webinar attended by more than 500 professionals throughout the region, but is now offering its full presentation for free download on its AMI Perspectiva site. “LatAm’s volatility can make it tough to forecast, but we’re hoping our 25 years of experience will help companies obtain a clearer sense of their business future in the region,” remarks Price.


About Americas Market Intelligence
Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) is the premier market intelligence and strategy consultancy for Latin America, providing powerful research insights for companies to succeed in a wide range of verticals in the region, including payments, healthcare, logistics, mining, oil & gas, infrastructure, consumer goods and the industrial sector. Its customized research reports deliver data-based clarity and far-reaching strategic direction based on expert sources.


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