Miami, August 18, 2022—Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has launched the Latin America E-Commerce Data Library, which features detailed e-commerce market intelligence reports for 17 countries in Latin America, ranging from Argentina to Uruguay, including both large markets and growing smaller markets.

“We built the Library to offer strategic e-commerce data that is tailored to the needs of e-commerce merchants, banks, payments processors, acquirers, fintechs and other players in Latin America’s payments ecosystem,” explains Lindsay Lehr, leader of AMI’s payments practice. “We used transactional data to reflect the products Latin American consumers actually purchase online with the specific payment methods they use,” she says. “This allows companies to deepen their understanding of the market and take advantage of the opportunities as it grows.”

AMI projects that Latin America’s e-commerce market will grow with a CAGR of 25% between 2021 and 2025. In 2022 alone, Latin America’s e-commerce market will reach a volume of US$379 billion, representing 32% year-over-year (YoY) growth compared to 2021. The Latin America E-Commerce Data Library offers a deep range of crucial data for each of the 17 countries it covers, including:

  • Breakdowns and projections of e-commerce merchant verticals, including retail, travel, digital goods, ride hailing and delivery apps
  • Market shares of all payment methods, ranging from cash and credit cards (including domestic vs. internationally enabled cards) to Pix and Buy Now Pay Later
  • Breakdowns of mobile vs. desktop purchases
  • Shares of cross-border purchases vs. domestic

And much more.

“In offering the data, we didn’t want to feature just one fixed report for our clients, since different clients have different needs,” explains Lehr. For this reason, users can buy individual reports for each of the 17 countries, a bundle of 6 country reports or a bundle of all 17 country reports. “Using our research team, we can go even further: we can customize each one to offer the key data that a client may need,” says Lehr.

More information on the Latin America E-Commerce Data Library, including pricing, a free sample and a complimentary LatAm E-Commerce Blueprint available for each purchaser, is available at AMI’s website.

Press contact: Abel Delgado, Director of Digital Marketing,


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