5 Megatrends in Latin America’s Energy Sector for 2023 and Beyond

A new resource to help energy professionals anticipate massive changes sweeping through the region

Developed by Americas Market Intelligence — a leading provider of energy intelligence and analytics for LatAm’s energy sector — 5 Megatrends in Latin America’s Energy Sector for 2023 and Beyond is a new resource to help energy professionals prepare for large-scale transformations within the industry.

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What You’ll Receive

The report highlights the following 5 changes that our analysts project for the LatAm energy sector:

  • The exponential acceleration of natural gas and the growth of LNG exports
  • Distributed generation will overshadow utility-scale solar as the grid suffers underinvestment
  • Green hydrogen’s success will be limited to the production of derivatives (ammonia, methanol)
  • Battery storage solutions will see limited adoption (except for Chile)
  • Latin America will become a major source of feedstock for renewable fuels

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5 Megatrends in Latin America’s Energy Sector for 2023 and Beyond

How We Came Up with These Megatrends

Over the past decade, Americas Market Intelligence has been studying the LatAm energy sector, delivering data, insights and analysis for:

  • Energy equipment and service providers
  • Traditional oil and gas companies
  • Renewable energy IPPs
  • Large utility companies
  • Project developers focused on Latin America energy projects (e.g., solar & wind, fossil fuels, battery storage, hydrogen and biogas)
  • Buy-side financiers evaluating Latin America energy investments (e.g., private equity funds, pension funds, asset managers)
  • Sell-side investors engaged in analysis of Latin America energy investments (e.g., investment banks, advisory firms)
  • Multilateral lenders and institutions (e.g., World Bank, IDB, IADB, IMF)
  • Insurance brokers and underwriters focused on Latin America energy projects

In producing more than 100 studies for these types of clients, AMI’s energy practice has observed the market shifts and challenges over the past 20 years, allowing it to leverage those observations — and its proprietary data — to create this list of megatrends.

The Data Driving the Megatrends

5 Megatrends in Latin America’s Energy Sector for 2023 and Beyond

Among the hard data points supporting our megatrends analysis and available to you in this free report, you will find:

  • Future natural gas demand by country
  • Projected LNG exports from Mexico, Peru, Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad & Tobago
  • Current gas reserves, gas production and years remaining of proven gas reserves in Latin American countries

    • Feedstock availability for renewable fuels (such as renewable diesel) in Latin America
    • Projected sustainable aviation fuel production in Latin America by 2030
    • Distributed generation growth projections for 2025 and 2030 in Latin America
    • Utility-scale solar and wind capacity indicated country by country in Latin America, plus projected pipelines
    • Transmission and distribution investments broken down by country in Latin America
    • Installed hydrogen electrolysis capacity and future projections for 2030
    • Estimated production of green hydrogen derivatives (ammonia and methanol), by country in Latin America
    • 2030 projections of hydrogen investments by country in Latin America
    • Installed battery storage capacity and future pipeline of BESS projects
    • Current state of battery storage regulation in Latin America, by country
    • Electric vehicle sales as a % of total light vehicles in Latin America, and future projections, by country
    • Electric vehicle charging stations in Latin America, broken down by country
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