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Managing Mining Risk in Latin America

7 key areas that pose dangers and how miners and investors can best manage them

Managing Mining Risk in Latin America

Latin America is recovering from a big drop in mineral prices...

but it still has a shortage of scalable mining projects. This means capital will need to fund more early-stage projects with longer ROI timeframes.

And this will expose investors to higher levels of risk.

This free whitepaper looks at seven key types of risk that miners face in Latin America, such as:

  • Political interference
  • Regulatory instability
  • Operational risks
  • Security risks
  • Local Community Opposition risks
  • Reputational risks
  • Economic risks

Relying on 25+ years of experience in LatAm and 200+ risk analysis and market monitoring projects for the mining industry, the whitepaper authors identify the sources of each type of risk, the players involved and the best strategies to mitigate, manage or substantially reduce each type of risk.

Organized for quick and easy reference, Managing Mining Risk in Latin America showcases some useful examples of how recent mining projects have:

  • Smoothed out conflicts with informal miners

  • Worked with competing industries to allay concerns and promote cooperation

  • Gone beyond basic CSR to craft more comprehensive strategies to protect the company’s reputation and work with—not against—local communities
  • Understood what drives political interference with mining projects and what can help resolve the underlying issues

  • Found the best local energy infrastructure option that delivers reliable power that can be shared with the local community

  • Anticipated currency collapse and other economic challenges

And much more, all based on direct experience in assisting companies in LatAm mining jurisdictions with risk mitigation via information-gathering, analysis and an informed strategic approach.

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