In Cuba

Tourism has been a spectacular growth sector for the Cuban economy since 1990 and this Cuba market intelligence report—part of a group that AMI is sharing to help guide companies looking at doing business and investing in Cuba—charts international tourist arrivals over the past two decades. Given the potential for a big increase in U.S. tourists to Cuba, potential segments within the overall group of American tourists are identified that could be targeted with different marketing campaigns. The report also considers key questions regarding the Cuban tourism industry, such as whether increased American tourism lead to a decrease in Canadian “package” tourists and if other Caribbean destinations will lose significant revenues due to expansion of tourism to Cuba. To do so, the report charts out tourist volumes for 9 major Caribbean destinations to compare their figures with those of Cuba. Finally, the report evaluates the threat of the Zika virus in Cuba and details the containment measures taken by the government.

Click here to access the full Cuba market research report on the growth potential for the Cuban tourism industry. Click here to view a range of other available reports with market research about Cuba that focus on tourism, private enterprise, Cuban brands, legal concerns, logistics, transportation, energy and more.

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