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In a recent webinar from our sister company, Global Health Intelligence (GHI), the company identified more than 50 hospitals in Latin America that are the region’s leaders in adopting and acquiring high-tech medical equipment. Among the types of equipment that are considered high-tech for the purposes of GHI’s analysis are:

  • PET scanners
  • Linear accelerators
  • Lithiotripter machines
  • Gamma cameras

According to GHI analysis, only 5% of the hospitals in the region possess these equipment types.

But beyond identifying this 5%, the webinar — entitled The Adoption and Penetration of High-Tech Equipment in Latin America — exhaustively examined the factors that lead hospitals to acquire high-tech equipment.

Most importantly, the webinar features GHI’s TechTier Adoption Model. Based on statistical analysis of hospital ownership and acquisition of more than 40 types of equipment, ranging from basic (such as infusion pumps or newborn cribs) to cutting-edge, expensive equipment and devices, TechTier reveals the stages that hospitals go through as they advance from providing basic, essential care to higher degrees of specialization and more innovative treatments for medical conditions. For medical equipment manufacturers, the TechTier model and a new service developed by GHI can make the difference between increasing your sales success with high-level equipment — or still struggling to find clients and close.

Click here to download the webinar presentation.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how GHI can help your company identify hospitals that would be strong targets for high-tech product or software launches. You also may want to explore GHI’s Surgery Status Reports for Latin America, a new resource that helps companies understand which procedures are being performed, delayed or cancelled given the challenges facing hospitals in the region.

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