In Cuba

For more than 50 years, cruise ships have not been able to sail to Cuba. That changed on May 2, 2016, when the Adonia docked in Havana. But the regional tourism industry is set to experience a revival with Cuba’s full incorporation into cruise ship itineraries. This Cuba market intelligence report looks at the cruise tourism sector in the Caribbean, top destinations and what kind of opportunities there are for Cuba in this area, especially considering that it has 14 locations that could become part of cruise ship itineraries. As part of this, the report looks at cruises and ferry companies interested in the Cuban market, some of the investment requirements needed for Cuba to become a prominent cruise destination in the near future.

Click here to access the full Cuba market research report on the growth potential of the cruise market on the island and click here to view a range of other available reports with market research about Cuba that focus on tourism, private enterprise, Cuban brands, legal concerns, logistics, transportation, energy and more.


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