In Cuba

While price may still be the prime consideration for Cuban consumers, brands are starting to become relevant. This Cuba market intelligence report—part of a group that AMI is sharing to help guide companies looking at doing business and investing in Cuba—focuses on the mix of local and global/international brands with presence on the island. It covers promotional strategies used by the brands, the joint venture structure and both past and presence examples of brand building efforts within the Cuban market. One interesting area of focus for the report are the top cigar and rum brands in Cuba and their efforts to expand their sales through brand building and their joint ventures with foreign companies like Pernod Ricard. The report also includes a ranking of the top Cuban brands and a ranking of the top Cuban international brands in the domestic market.

Click here to access the full Cuba market research report on the outlook for the Cuban economy that investors in Cuba should factor into their plans. Click here to view a range of other available reports with market research about Cuba that focus on tourism, private enterprise, the Cuban remittances market, legal concerns, logistics, transportation, energy and more.

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