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While the increase in sales of new cars in Latin America in 2022 is not altogether surprising, it was unexpected to see that electric vehicle sales doubled or that eyewear is poised to expand significantly over the next few years. Some regional trends also seem to carry over for the country, such as car and motorcycle sales growth and the expansion of gaming and appliances.

Since this information on sales trends is not easily found and comes from a variety of sources, we decided to centralize it in a simple infographic report, which you can download below at no cost by clicking on the cover image:

The Best-Selling Products in Latin America

We created this report to offer marketing, sales and market intelligence professionals, among others, a helpful resource to quickly see some of the growth areas in both the region and in specific markets.

Diving Deeper

Of course, these numbers are limited in their usefulness—what companies really need to understand are the factors driving these purchases and how consumer attitudes/behavior in Latin America are changing.

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