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In March 2021 we released our annual “Good, Bad and Ugly” issue of our AMI Perspectiva newsletter, in which each of our practice leaders outlined positive, negative and really negative possibilities during the year.

Clicking below on each practice name will take you to the “good-bad-ugly” analysis piece for that sector:




The longest piece in this issue offered an analysis for the entire region, spanning multiple countries and industries, and can be found here.

To make it easier for readers to navigate this detailed analysis, we have turned it into a whitepaper, which you can download here or by clicking the cover below.

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Please contact us if your company needs a deeper level of analysis focused on opportunity benchmarking, competitive intelligence or a detailed look at a specific issue in LatAm payments, logistics, mining, energy, consumer goods/services, industrial, insurance, education or another sector. Our team can craft a customized study that will deliver your company the strategic data it needs to drive its success in the region. We also help companies with thought leadership in Latin America by producing whitepapers, videos, blog posts, articles, infographics, webinars and other forms of content, all of which can be driven by original research from AMI’s team.

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