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Any number of people want to put 2020 behind them, and this is not surprising. But will 2021 repeat some of the challenges of 2021—or play out differently, hopefully positively?

On September 24, AMI’s team conducted a detailed exploration of what 2021 will bring Latin America, which we aptly called The 2021 Latin America Forecasting Forum.

2021 Latin America Forecasting Forum

Expert analysis to help drive your success in the coming year

The Forum lasted 3.5 hours in order to cover as many of the challenges, difficulties and opportunities as possible, while also highlighting 5 important region-wide trends we expect to see and budgeting ample time to answer detailed questions from the audience.

Among the key topics discussed were:

  • Forecasts for the end of the COVID-19 crisis in key Latin American markets, including disease breaking points, domestic lockdowns, retail openings and border openings
  • How COVID-19 has led to the digitization of everything — and the opportunities awaiting foresightful companies
  • How the fiscal collapse of Latin American governments could affect mining, healthcare and other sectors
  • Strategies for companies to take advantage of the powerful growth of e-commerce due to COVID
  • The effects of the widening income gap in Latin American society, in terms of political risk and consumer markets.
  • Growth segments for 2021 that companies should explore

Visit to obtain the full materials for the 2021 Latin America Forecast from AMI, which includes the data-rich presentation and full video that includes insights from AMI’s practice leaders in healthcare, payments, logistics, consumer goods/services and energy.

Industries Covered

  • Consumer goods & services
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Payments

Preview the Forecasting Forum for Free

The presentation shared during the Forum and the video of the entire event are available for sale at the Forecasting Forum website.

But if you’d like to get a quick preview of the topics covered, please click on the video below, which offers key highlights from the Forum itself.

Click here to find out more about how the 2021 Latin America Forecasting Forum can help power up your company’s planning for next year and how to get Forecast materials.

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