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One of the challenges for medical device and equipment manufacturers over the years is having the data to make the best decisions. Until recently, the available data on medical devices and equipment in Latin America had 3 major problems:

  • It was sparse or non-existent
  • It was outdated
  • It was inaccurate

Our sister company Global Health Intelligence (GHI) started addressing this problem in 2014 and ended up building the world’s largest database of Latin American hospitals, with coverage of 14 countries and nearly 90% of the hospitals in the region.


To help sales executives, marketing executives and other leaders in the LatAm medical device market get a sense of what it looks like in 2017, GHI put together a highly detailed free infographic. You can request it here.

The data covered in the infographic includes:

  • Basic infrastructure counts for hospitals in Latin America
  • Import data for medical devices and equipment into Latin America and in specific markets, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru
  • Growth categories for medical equipment sold in Latin America
  • Counts for the installed equipment base in Latin American hospitals, including highest overall counts
  • Technology penetration in LatAm hospitals, including PACs (picture archiving and communication systems), RIS (radiological information systems) and EMR (electronic medical records)
  • The #1 equipment type on hand in Latin American hospitals

You can find more information about the infographic and request it on the Global Health Intelligence website.


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