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The products and services you develop today call for investments that will take a decade to fully amortize. The biggest decisions we make in our companies require a long view of Latin America. However, most published forecasts barely predict one year ahead. That is why AMI developed a 10-year outlook for Latin America, based upon the extrapolation of unmistakable trends reshaping our economies and societies today.

This free report covers a variety of mega-trends that promise to transform Latin America:

  • Latin America’s population is rapidly aging, though the demographic consumption boom, started in 2000, will continue into the next decade
  • How an aging population will change consumer spending patterns
  • The marked differences in Latin American households as an once conformist society increasingly acts upon its individualistic aspirations and needs, changing forever how Latin Americans consume
  • The dramatic digitization of all things Latin America where data demand is growing at >30% per year.
  • Why greater mobility has become a two-edged sword for the region
  • Eight next-gen disruptive technologies that will impact LatAm in the next decade, from 3D printing and AI to virtual reality
  • How China’s aging and shrinking labor pool is likely to benefit Mexico and Central America’s assembly industries
  • The end of ‘Goldilocks globalization’ and what it means for Latin America
  • A chart indicating which industries in Latin America are set for negative growth, moderate growth, and fast growth between 2023 and 2033

And much more.

Please click on the cover image below to access the 10 Year Outlook for Latin America.

If after reviewing it, you’d be interested in a fee-based, customized 10-year outlook for your industry, please contact us. Our team can help yours understand both opportunities and challenges over the next decade while offering strategic guidance to maximize your success.

But if you’re also interested in a shorter-term outlook, please feel free to download our 2024 Latin America Forecast.

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