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While there were only 23,000 electric vehicles (EVs) sold in Latin America in 2021, it’s forecast that by 2030, more than 1 million electric vehicles will be sold in Latin America—and this will clearly have an impact on Latin America’s energy industry.

To help LatAm energy industry professionals understand what to expect regarding EVs, EV charging infrastructure and other key points, we’ve created an infographic report on electric mobility.

Organized to help you rapidly zero in on the data you need, LatAm Electric Mobility features more than 40 market data points about the Latin American electric vehicle market, including:

  • Projected amount of electric vehicles in operation in Latin America in 2030
  • Forecast EV sales in Latin America in 2030, by vehicle type
  • How LatAm EV sales compare with those in other markets like China and Europe
  • Projected sales growth for EVs in Mexico and Brazil
  • Data on EV public charging infrastructure in Latin America’s largest energy markets

And much more.

Scroll below and save this infographic report to access the key numbers on the EV market in Latin America while also obtaining AMI’s analysis of what these numbers mean for the industry.

LatAm Electric Mobility. EV Sales in LatAm.

Latin America Electric Mobility

An infographic report featuring current EV sales in Latin America, market projections and more.

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Contact us to arrange for a broader, customized study of the EV market in Latin America that will help you uncover the strategic data you need to guide your future decisions.

We can also help if you’re interested in identifying energy market opportunities in specific Latin American countries with fossil fuels, green hydrogen, solar, wind, LNG, biomass, hydropower and much more. Our data and analysis can help your refine your investment strategy and take full advantage of the growth in different sectors in different countries while avoiding common risks, such as political risk, regulatory risk and more.

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