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Mining companies and investors know all about above-ground mining risks in Latin America—they deal with the fallout from them all the time, whether it’s wrangling over increased royalties due to resource nationalism, local communities upset over a mining projects effect on them, security concerns at mines, regulatory instability and more.

But HOW risky, exactly, is Chile, compared to Peru, for example? And which are the biggest risks in these jurisdictions?

Until now, miners and investors have lacked the tools they need to quantify risk for specific countries.

That’s why AMI’s team has created the 2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index. AMI’s team identifies the 7 major risks that face companies in Latin American mining jurisdictions and used 70 metrics to create risk scores for countries via a proprietary method based on AMI’s nearly three decades’ worth of experience in evaluating LatAm mining risk for its clients.

This free whitepaper breaks down risk for 16 different mining jurisdictions in Latin America, allowing you to see not only a composite score for each country in general, but also the risk scores for each country according to the major risks, which are:

  • Political interference
  • Economic pressure
  • Community opposition
  • Legal and regulatory instability
  • Reputational risk
  • Safety and security
  • Operational risk

Click here to access this unique whitepaper that will help you quickly understand the level of risk presented by each jurisdiction, the factors driving it and how specialized market intelligence can help you mitigate or avoid risks in these countries.

2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index

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