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Investors who operate in Venezuela are wise to implement comprehensive supply chain checks and due diligence processes, in compliance with the OECD’s payment-transparency measures. Investors must carefully screen the ultimate beneficiaries of their businesses (almost all Venezuelan businesses involving foreign investors are structured as joint ventures with the government). These are several key steps that should be taken in a thorough analysis of pre-investment risks to mining in Venezuela.

If the risk of investing in Venezuela one day drops to acceptable levels, the brave and the bold will be lining up to develop projects. In the meantime, those who invest in Colombia, Brazil, and Guyana have a vested interest in monitoring Venezuela — perhaps even conducting mining project due diligence to be able to compare it with other jurisdictions.

Once a project breaks ground, AMI monitors, anticipates, and advises miners and investors on how to mitigate future risk, as well as how to better engineer their CSR, PR, and government relations assets to confront risk. We become the partners of our mining clients and their ears and eyes on the ground, conducting discreet intelligence to complement their own risk management efforts.

The 2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index is a compilation of nearly three decades of experience and 200+ consulting projects in Latin America to help investors and miners quantify risk to their operations across the region’s 16 leading jurisdictions — including Venezuela.

Please click below to learn more about this unique report, the first to quantify mining risk in Latin America, and learn more about how it can help you in evaluating pre-investment risk to mining in Venezuela and Latin America.

The 2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index


The 2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index

A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the risks facing both miners and investors in the region’s 16 leading jurisdictions

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