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With the rapid expansion of Internet access and smartphone adoption, gaming in Latin America is booming: research indicates that 1 in 2 Latin American Internet users play video games (an estimated 242 million people) and the region’s gaming market is currently sized at US$8.4 billion.

Payments are a key part of the gaming experience, though in Latin America, there has not been a wealth of published research in this area.

That’s why PCMI partnered with PagSeguro—one of Latin America’s leading cross-border payments solutions providers—to research this topic. The companies recently published their results in a new whitepaper entitled The Payment Habits of Latin American Gamers, which can be downloaded here at no charge.

The whitepaper shares a number of results from the study—conducted in 2023 in 6 key Latin American gaming markets—that reveal strategic insights to guide companies, such as:

  • 6 top categories Latin American gamers spend the most on (game titles, game currencies, DLCs, etc)
  • Where gamers prefer to buy (top-up pages, console stores, marketplaces, etc.)
  • Favorite payment methods broken out by device and country, how payment method affects amount spent, demographics of purchasers and more
  • The preferred purchase model of Latin American gamers (subscription vs. one-time purchases)
  • The payment model that results in gamers spending 65% more per month
  • 4 promotion types that gamers prefer (broken out by country: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru)
  • The percentage of LatAm gamers who are frequent purchases (at least 1 purchase per month)
  • The factors that make gamers abandon checkout
  • What drives gamers to finish a purchase

And much more. Organized clearly to allow readers to quickly zero in on the data that most interest them, The Payment Habits of Latin American Gamers is a strategic resource for any company that wishes to leverage this rapidly growing market of enthusiastic consumers.

Click here to download a free copy of this whitepaper.

The Payment Habits of Latin American Gamers

Discover how gamers in Latin America prefer to pay, what are their favorite types of purchase, the discount and purchase incentives they value the most, what leads them to abandon checkout, and so much more.

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