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In a June 30 Mining Coffee Chat, Dr. Remi Piet — director of the Natural Resources practice for AMI — discussed mining in the Guiana Shield. The last few weeks have been particularly active, with elections and political transitions in all three jurisdictions (Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana), as well as intense M&A activity and changes at the helm of some of the most important mining operations in the region.

Dr. Piet welcomed a guest panelist to the Chat: Dominic O’Sullivan, chairman of Tajiri Resources and former Honorary Consul of Australia to Guyana. Their discussion centered on recent events in these promising jurisdictions, where Zijin Mining and Silvercorp battled over Guyana Goldfields and Gold X appointed Robert Friedland as their new Chairman.

In addition, the Chat also covered Suriname and French Guiana, where the political landscape is shifting and could have significant impact on mining opportunities. In Suriname, President Desire Bouterse offered to step down after negotiating a democratic transition with the opposition. In French Guiana, local municipal elections this weekend will shape the conditions locally for mining investment, as well as modify the balance of power in Paris between Macron and the Green Party at a time when a new mining code is being drafted.

You can view the video of the June 30 Mining Coffee Chat below.

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