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In this May 7, 2020 webinar from Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), a group of panelists comment on 7 important risks for the social license of miners operating in Latin American jurisdictions in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, factoring in the effects.

Moderated by Dr. Remi Piet, director of the Natural Resources Practice for AMI, the webinar focused on the following areas of risk:

10:55 Macro-economic pressure

16:38 Local community risks

27:12 Political interference risks

35:55 Regulatory risks

46:24 Security risks

54:25 Infrastructure and labor risks

1:02:35 Reputational risks

Beyond the areas of risk, the webinar discussion also included:

4:38 COVID-19 services for mining companies

1:06:21 Example: Antioquia’s approach to sustainable mining

1:12:00 Questions from the audience

Besides Dr. Piet, other speakers from AMI included John Price, Managing Director, and Arthur Deakin, Analyst. To further expand on the risks and management thereof, the webinar included a number of expert speakers, including: Stephanie Shumsky, Technical Manager at Pact; Sarah Godron, CEO of Satarla; and Ana Candida de Mello Carvalho, a partner at the Brazilian law firm BMA.

You can view the video of the webinar below:

To find out more about AMI’s consulting work in the area of risk management for mining in different areas, please explore our case studies, our whitepaper on 7 key LatAm mining risks, and our analysis articles, which cover topics such as industry outlooks, political risk, operational risk, reputational risk and more.

Please contact us if you’d like to explore how we can help you manage risks in Latin American mining jurisdictions.

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