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José Ramón Fernández
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Diego Rodríguez
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In the dynamic realm of global logistics the struggle for supremacy is often determined by strategic location selection. The stakes increase as key players in the logistics industry face the challenge of setting up warehouses in Mexico. Making the right choice could allow companies to conquer different sectors: automotive, high-tech, retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and specialty retail.

Here we explain how to discover optimal storage locations in Mexico and overcome the conventional limits of today’s logistics landscape.

The challenge:

Right now, companies are turning their attention to Mexico. Their intention is to navigate the maze of opportunities that nearshoring offers. Above all they are looking for the best places to establish their dry or temperature-controlled warehouses for different industries.

The objective:

Areas suited to the unique needs of each industry have to be identified strategically. It is not just a question of finding a location. It is about finding the optimal point that will guarantee, on the one hand, logistics efficiency and proximity to the market, and on the other, regulatory compliance and infrastructure capabilities. Players need an exhaustive analysis that lends certainty to the investment.

The methodology:

The critical route we put forward consists of three stages. Each of these stages contributes to the development of the investment strategy.

Stage 1. Identification and classification of attractive areas for storage in Mexico

Specialized sources are used to extract the essential data, which is validated through intensive interviews with storage service providers and users. Decision makers cannot depend on hunches or unsupported assumptions.

  • At Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) we identified 21 regions in Mexico with the greatest potential to offer dry and cold-storage services to clients in the verticals of interest (Automotive, High-Tech, Retail, FMCG, and Lifestyle).

We performed an exhaustive analysis for these regions based on the verticals (see image).

Site selection in Mexico logistics

The result? We developed a rating system to show the 10 best locations that would require an in-depth analysis.

Stage 2. Benchmark (comparative analysis) – the 10 best locations

The next stage consists of creating a matrix, and weighing and comparing variables with military precision.

Demand, industrial uses, target customers, competition costs, estimated revenue, and infrastructure considerations are carefully pieced together.

The analysis should be based on data validated by official resources, competitive intelligence tools, a “mystery shopper,” and interviews with competitors.

How to determine demand for the most attractive locations in Mexico
Determine costs, revenue, and competition in the most attractive locations in Mexico
Determine most attractive locations in terms of infrastructure in Mexico

Stage 3. Detailed analysis by location

This is where the strategy is put to the test. Adapting the approach to the unique features Mexico offers for each sector, be it automotive, high-tech, retail, perishable products, or others, ensures that the selected locations will facilitate supply chain operations, meeting specific industry standards.

If companies want to succeed in Mexico it is crucial to identify which regions are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and potential demand to handle your needs.

Potential Clients by Vertical in Mexico


For global companies, making a comprehensive assessment that includes market and competitive intelligence, in addition to the costs and availability of the space, is essential to identify the potential strategic advantages and challenges of a given region in Mexico. We recommend businesses examine each factor that might affect their operation to address the specific needs of the industry and the complexities of different sectors.

We are confident that Mexico will offer everything you need to establish your business and take advantage of the immense opportunities available. Contact us to delve deeper and analyze the needs of your company together. You can also explore our logistics practice.

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