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There’s no doubt that the China+1 business strategy is here to stay—and even Chinese companies are looking to set up shop in Mexico to circumvent import tariffs.

But the headlines on nearshoring usually don’t cover the granular challenge— including politic risks, facing companies that seek to maximize the opportunities from this trend, especially logistics companies.

In AMI’s recent webinar, we help you understand the drivers of nearshoring, real-world success cases, and what to expect in the near future as 2024 elections loom in the US, and the Mexico’s Sheinbaum administration starts.

What Is Driving the Nearshoring Phenomenon in Mexico

The first part of the webinar covers the drivers of nearshoring in Mexico, based on AMI’s extensive Latin American logistics market analysis over the past two decades:

  • Why manufacturers in China are struggling to recruit new talent in their country
  • Why US market is relaying on outsourcing to fulfill their manufacturing demand
  • How costs for building a product in Mexico are 23% cheaper than in other parts of the world
  • The three big impacts on nearshoring due to the US-Mexico relationship
  • Why intermodal and warehousing are the fastest-growing sectors within the nearshoring space

Mexico Nearshoring Obstacles and Opportunities

AMI experts then disclose the big obstacles for nearshoring in Mexico:

  • What manufacturing challenges affect companies that wish to produce in Mexico and Central America
  • How a Sheinbaum presidency in Mexico will affect nearshoring in terms of government regulation, support, taxes and other key concerns
  • The impact of security risks on logistics
  • The impact of Biden winning the presidency vs. a Trump victory

…as well as opportunities:

  • How companies can handle the lack of space and electricity in nearshoring markets
  • Ideas for best practices in site selection, based on a recent case study with a logistics company
  • Cross-border logistics opportunities to US

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Taking measure of Mexico's nearshoring opportunity

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Next steps

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  • Partner research to find companies in Mexico to improve your service or capabilities
  • Acquisitions research to help expand your company’s footprint
  • Competitive intelligence into your rivals to understand their upcoming moves and strategies
  • Operational research to help your company identify cost-saving opportunities in Mexico and best locations for warehousing
  • Investment research to uncover new opportunities or threats based on growth or contraction trends in the market

And much more.

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