In Cuba

With the relatively large migration of Cubans to the United States between 2002 and 2015, shipping has increased as migrants send goods to their relatives on the island. This Cuba market intelligence report—part of a group that AMI is sharing to help guide companies looking at doing business and investing in Cuba—focuses on logistics to explain how this increase in migration and shipping will affect the island. It also looks at new market opportunities for U.S. businesses such as United States Postal services (USPS) and UPS based on data such as the value of merchandise sent to Cuba from 2011 and 2015. After including data-driven projections of the potential growth of merchandise shipping to Cuba in the near future, this Cuba market research report charts the market share projections of merchandise delivery after the entry into the market by large U.S. companies.

Click here to access the full Cuba market research report on logistics and shipping merchandise. Click here to view a range of other available reports with market intelligence about Cuba that focus on tourism, private enterprise, the Cuban remittances market, legal concerns, logistics, transportation, energy and more.

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