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In this April 16, 2020 webinar, John Price — Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence — brought together a stellar cast of experts to discuss the prospects for Latin America starting up its economies after the shutdown due to COVID-19.

The webinar began with an epidemiological picture in Latin America as far as the coronavirus (reflecting data as of April 15, 2020), where the pandemic is heading in major LatAm markets in terms of number of cases, projected dates for end of quarantines in different Latin American countries and the estimated cost (as of April 15, 2020) of COVID policies in key markets. It also looks at challenges with COVID-19 testing in Latin America, the effects of quarantining in Chile as an example, and the weighing of costs in human lives vs. economic costs: a major challenge facing Latin American policymakers. Then the webinar opens a panel discussion of Latin America’s post-coronavirus economic prospects, featuring leading experts such as Karen Poniacheck, director of Columbia Global Centers; Roberto Salinas, president of the Mexico Business Forum; Sergio Guzmán, director of Colombia Risk Analysis; John Welch, CEO of REM; and Ken Frankel, president of the Canadian Council of the Americas. Over the course of 1.5 hours the panel takes on a wide range of economic and business questions posed by John Price, Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence and webinar moderator, as well as questions posted by an audience of more than 1,000 webinar attendees.

If you’re focused on planning to navigate the current crisis and maximizing opportunities during the recovery period, market intelligence for Latin America can be a crucial resource to sharpen your strategies. Americas Market Intelligence has designed a range of strategies to help companies through the coronavirus crisis, including:

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