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We recently held a webinar that covered 6 mega-trends that we believe will impact payments in Latin America in 2020 and beyond, specifically:

  1. Moving from cards to credentials
  2. Terminal-less acceptance
  3. Acquiring and acceptance revolution
  4. Race for the super app
  5. Bank accounts as a payment method
  6. Fees trending toward zero

Lindsay Lehr – director of AMI’s payments practice – was joined by Arnold Reyes, VP and Head of Digital Partnerships at Visa, and Alex Moura, VP of Product Management at Mastercard.

 Scroll down to view the video of the webinar.

It’s important to note that this particular payments megatrends webinar is not a one-off event. Throughout 2020, we are planning to have a payments webinar every month, some of which will be deeper dives into these specific megatrends, and others which will focus on specific topics affecting payments professionals who work in the region.

In fact, please click on the banner below to read about our next webinar and register:

6 Mega-Trends in LatAm Payments in 2020 Webinar Video

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Please contact us if you’d like to suggest topics for future payments webinars or would be interested in a dedicated presentation of these trends for your team. The Insights section of our site contains all of our recent payments articles, including one sharing an e-commerce infographic and others delivering e-commerce market research for Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile. You can also download whitepapers and studies from our Analyses section, which groups together our LatAm payments publications.

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