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Valentina Duque
Marketing Associate

Featuring nearly 100 data points, this infographic report will give you a quick, easy-to-follow breakdown of strategic consumer insights for Latin America.

It covers online retail trends, online payment methods, travel spending, the best-selling products in 6 key markets, entertainment preferences, gaming and artificial intelligence (AI) usage and consumption in Latin America.

Among the data you’ll find:

  • Latin American consumer attitudes towards AI
  • Projected e-commerce sales in Latin America vs. total retail sales, 2023-2026
  • Preferred payment methods among LatAm consumers when shopping online
  • How many times LatAm consumers visit a website before purchasing
  • Top sources for Latin Americans to research products before online—or offline—purchases
  • E-commerce’s share of overall retail in Latin America
  • The product that Latin Americans buy online at least once per week
  • Market shares for the top 14 streaming platforms in Latin America
  • 6 key trends among Latin American gamers

And much more. Right-click on the PDF file below to download this illuminating look at Latin American consumer behavior, attitudes, preferences and trends.

Report cover: Understanding the Modern Consumer in Latin America


Understanding the Modern Consumer in Latin America

Explore the impact of digitization on regional consumption, delving into attitudes and trends, with a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence.

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