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Recently, I participated in a webinar from Kline & Company—a leading management consulting and market research company—that covered the lubricants market in Latin America so as to offer an overview and highlight opportunities.

To access the webinar: use the password klineamilatam17 when you go to the webinar site.

My webinar presentation was based on a recent report from Kline entitled Opportunities in Lubricants: Latin America and Caribbean Market Analysis, that we at Americas Market Intelligence provided primary research for.

Among the topics covered were:

  • The recent growth of Latin American economies and its impact on the lubricants market, including projections covering 2017-2021
  • A breakdown of the LAC lubricants market indicating demand drivers, industries, favored types of lubricants
  • The dominant types of lubricants within the Latin American market and how the growth of the car market in Latin America between 2015 and 2025 will impact the growth of specific types of lubricants in the region
  • Data on the different grades of heavy-duty motor oils (HDMOs) and their respective market shares, along with a forecast of the sales growth of commercial vehicles in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • The types of lubricants with the strongest demand in the industrial segment, including the top 10 industrial fluids and oils that are consumed in Latin America and the Caribbean

To view the entire webinar—which was conducted in Spanish, click here. The password to access the webinar is: klineamilatam17.

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