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One thing we have clearly noticed after producing hundreds of market intelligence studies for the world’s largest logistics companies is this: there is not much freely available data on Latin America’s logistics sector.

And when you search for it, you find it scattered across the Internet, buried in reports or articles.

In order to help offer logistics professionals a resource, we created this free infographic report, which you can download below.

It’s easy to read or skim and lets you discover key data that provides an overview of both the overall LatAm logistics market and specific markets. What you will find here includes:

  • Projected overall growth for LatAm logistics market through 2027
  • 4 key subsectors within LatAm logistics that are growing quickly, such as contract logistics, cross-border freight market and more
  • How much international air cargo vs. domestic air cargo was transported in Brazil in 2022
  • Numbers on the strong growth in cargo transported by air and sea in Colombia in 2022
  • Data on the significant difference in logistics costs for Argentina versus those in Brazil or Mexico
  • Forecasted increases in tons of cargo to be transported by Brazil’s seaports in 2025 and beyond
  • Projected growth of the 3PL market in Chile through 2026
  • The growth in tons of cargo that will be transported in Argentina between now and 2031
  • The amount of goods moved through Mexico’s airports in 2022 vs. through maritime shipping
  • Projected growth for Peru’s freight and logistics market through 2025
  • The percentage of goods in Mexico transported through freight transport
  • Data on Mexico’s growing problems with truck hijacking: total hijacks, when they occur, and more
  • The percentage of merchandise moved through Peru by trucks

And much more! In fact, overall, you will find 60 strategic data points about Latin American logistics in this well-designed infographic—all available at no cost.

Please click on the cover image below to download the infographic.

The LatAm Logistics Market Data Portrait

A detailed infographic report that features both big-picture and granular data for all of Latin America and also for 6 of the largest logistics markets in the region.

Next Steps

Contact us if your company needs a higher level of market intelligence for LatAm’s logistics market.

Our team can deliver you a wide range of studies that can give you the strategic advantage and guidance you need to maximize your success in Latin America. These include:

  • Opportunity benchmarking
  • Cross-border growth in LatAm markets
  • Finding suitable acquisition targets
  • E-commerce growth and impact on logistics
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Political/economic risk evaluations
  • Lead generation to drive new business

And much more, depending on what your company’s objectives are.

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