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While Latin America is not posting the massive growth it did during the commodities boom, there have been some positive upticks in its economies in recent years. This is being reflected in several ways, including growth in a variety of markets (which we track in earlier posts), increases in medical equipment being sold in the region and studies/research showing more purchases being made by Latin American consumers.

We’ve assembled a number of key data points regarding Latin American consumers into the infographic, which you can download below. Besides showing the growth in specific product categories across the region, the infographic breaks down the hottest products among consumers in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru.

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While we track data like this, our consumer/retail practice at Americas Market Intelligence is not focused on market research per se but on market intelligence. We gather hard-to-find data to help companies counteract competitors effectively, ensure successful market entry, work against grey or black market competitors, help clients prepare for economic cycles, offer insights to handle changing regulatory environments and overall strategic planning within Latin America’s CPG market.

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