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As we’ve discussed in a recent article by AMI Managing Director John Price and in a webinar we recently organized, Latin America is facing a financial liquidity crunch that will affect a wide range of sectors, including payments.

Below we wanted to offer a couple of brief yet incisive takes on the impact of the liquidity crunch on payments, specifically:

  • An infographic breaking down both key data and crucial strategies companies should employ
  • A video from PCMI Managing Director Lindsay Lehr, in which she offers a succinct take on how companies in the payment sector may be tempted to react—as well as how they SHOULD react—to this challenge

Please scroll down to see both quick analyses.

How Companies Should Approach the Liquidity Crunch

In this video, Lindsay Lehr, Managing Director of PCMI, explains how companies should best react to the crunch to avoid pitfalls and find opportunities.


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