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Developed by Americas Market Intelligence in collaboration with the Institute of Americas and the IPD Latin America.

Arthur Deakin

Director, Energy Practice


The timeline spanning when a new energy source is introduced at an industrial scale to when it overtakes its predecessor (i.e. becomes the primary global energy source) is continuously being accelerated. For instance, coal took 200 years to overtake wood, then oil took 100 years to outstrip coal, and now solar will surpass oil in 70 to 90 years. Although hydrogen is not a primary source of energy, it is posed to become the next major energy carrier in the world, expected to deliver 18% of the global energy supply by 2050. The prospects and challenges of H2 in Latin America were a crucial topic in the April 18th Madrid Energy Conference, which I was delighted to be a part of.

To that end, Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) partnered with the organizers of the Madrid Energy Conference—the Institute of Americas and IPD Latin America—to deliver a very insightful infographic on the current scenario of green hydrogen investment in LatAm. Click below to read it.


Green Hydrogen in Latin America

Granulated data on the potential development of hydrogen projects in the region, projections, markets with the highest likelihood of success, and standout companies in hydrogen and derivative pilot programs.

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Despite the hydrogen frenzy, the reality is that H2 investments in the region are still limited to pilot initiatives at a small scale, with only two projects reaching Final Investment Decision (FID). Projects in Chile and Brazil, focused on the export of hydrogen derivatives such as ammonia, will be the leading front runners in this race.

At AMI, we offer assistance in identifying energy market prospects in Latin America. Our services encompass a wide range of possibilities, ranging from potential green hydrogen initiatives and solar to wind, LNG, biomass, hydropower, and beyond. Through our data and analysis, we can assist you in refining your investment strategy, enabling you to capitalize on sector-specific growth opportunities, while also mitigating common risks and regulatory uncertainties. Click here to get in touch.

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