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With constant changes happening in the Latin American payments sector, it’s difficult to keep up. We know this better than most, since Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) is focused on reporting on those trends for a range of clients with significant stakes in Latin America’s financial industry through research, competitive intelligence and studies.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a free whitepaper you can obtain by clicking here that analyzes key developments in the Latin American payments sector, specifically the disruptive effect of digital technologies.



Entitled Payments in Latin America: Under Digital Transformation, the AMI whitepaper covers 3 main areas impacting the region:

  • Digital payment technologies
  • Financial inclusion/services for the underbanked in Latin America
  • Traditional banking products

Written by Lindsay Lehr—Senior Director of the Payments Practice for Americas Market Intelligence—the whitepaper explores key issues and challenges within each of these areas, such as the competition that has sparked in the digital wallet space in Latin America and the struggle among players looking to carve out big stakes in the e-commerce enablement market.

Mobile commerce is also addressed in the AMI whitepaper, with an analysis of how many mobile money operators that are focused on developing low-tech interfaces for feature phones may be missing the mark given the large group of unbanked smartphone users in Latin America. Another analysis section explores how local companies in Latin America are shrewdly navigating m-commerce opportunities via strategic approaches to payments and another section details mobile money deployments in different markets throughout Latin America.

The whitepaper highlights another key area where digital technologies are changing the money game in LatAm—lending and remittances—with significant data and proper context.

Overall, Payments in Latin America: Under Digital Transformation is an apt, highly useful resource for professionals working in any number of specialty areas within Latin America’s payment industry, including e-commerce, m-commerce, credit cards, banking, telecommunications, remittances, merchant networks, merchant POS systems, mobile money and more.

Contact Americas Market Intelligence to obtain strategic insights into the payments market in Latin America that will drive your business decisions successfully in areas such as e-commerce, affluent business or consumer cards, mobile money, digital wallets, POS systems and more.



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